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Review Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) by Ultimategamer 132 (spoiler free) and MC (The Big Boss) (will contain some mild spoilers).

genre: science fiction, action, adventure

Finally I was able to watch the film in an almost empty theater (the way I like it) where I was one of very few people to get to taste of Star Wars J.J. Abrams' style. First I will let Ultimategamer132 share his thoughts then I will give you mine.

What the hell was all the hype for? In a galaxy far, far away lies a Star Wars movie that is almost better than the original, but also manages to be sort of bad like the prequels. Follow Finn (John Boyega), a rogue stormtrooper who attempts to escape the waging war against the First Order and the resistance. He is unwillingly drawn into the drama despite his best efforts because of a turnabout of events that leads him to Rey (Daisy Ridley), a scavenger who with Finn must transport a map of the galaxy put in the droid BB8 that can lead the resistance to the currently missing Luke Skywalker. All of the newly introduced characters just seem there. Rey and Fin only become engrossing in the last act of the movie. More horribly is the fact that they're love for each other is almost as forced as the relationship between Fin and Eve from the Librarians. Though, I will admit BB-8 is a great character (or droid?) that can compare to the likings of R2-D2.

Don't think good 'ol JJ wouldn't throw some well-needed nostalgia at the audience! While there are other well-known characters introduced in the movie later on, the main nostalgia focuses are Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Chewbacca. The two really are the saving graces for the movie. Han and Chewbacca's amazing relationship is maintained and Han's lovable smugness remains intact. While Han provides is amazing one-liners, the movie is rife with hit-or-miss comedic aspects that ruin the flow of the film.

The main villain, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) may feel a bit too similar to Darth Vader for my liking because it makes it feel like Hux (Domhnall Gleeson) isn't an original character. Though, the movie will throw a curve ball that throws that feeling right out of the park with a shocking turn of events.

I can say without a doubt that the fight scenes are believable (meaning they fit the context of the characters) and epically kick-ass. I felt more satisfied than ever to see stormtroopers fall one by one at the hands of the resistance.

The bottom line is the force isn't with this movie. It is without a doubt that Star Wars fans will adore Force Awakens. But, newcomers to the franchise may find some aspects likable and enjoy the film. However, they may have a hard time getting through the various flaws to actually give a damn about the film. If Star Wars: Force Awakens was declared a good movie, I'd whole-heartedly agree. But if someone says its the Star Wars film to reinstall its foothold in this generation, I'd whole-heartedly disagree.

After hearing and reading so much on The Force Awakens I felt discouraged to get all happy and jolly about it. I decided to ignore the comments and reviews as much as I could so that nothing would be able to stand in my way of at least enjoying the film which worked since I did manage to have fun. I have to admit thought that most of that sentiment was nostalgia based.

Because while I liked this film I do feel and think that this entry in the franchise it does not come close to the originals and the prequels. The prequels might have been very flawed and some ideas poorly implemented at they least they were creative and original. The Force Awakens is not original or creative in the slightest. It's mostly a rehash of A New Hope with a plot that is lacking in many ways that I don't even know where to start to describe all of them. Let me try to break it down to the few elements that should have been in there. What about taking the time to build up characters and the events they are part off. Now the characters in most cases are brought together by coincidence and almost instantly like and help each other. Why? If you never met someone before. Would you go out of your way to help someone especially if your life is endangered because of it? You have to explain this. Show us more of the characters on their own and what they are about. Having a bit more background on them (just a tiny bit more) will make it more plausible and acceptable for these random strangers caring about each other. And what about the lack of knowledge given on The First Order. I know that not knowing sometimes adds mystery and therefore could add dread. However in this case it does not lead to that quite the opposite. If Kylo Ren is one we should fear the most then I don't know whether to cry or laugh. This Darth Vader wannabe has these tantrums that had a very big Spaceballs feel to them. And that is not a good thing. It is fine if the villain of the story can provide laughs although it should not be at cost of his character. You can't take a villain seriously otherwise. But you know what I could and did overlook this very easily. What really bothered me the most was the lack of real tension and suspense. Here you had these so called epic events happening but there are no buildups to these events whatsoever. "Oh hey, say Master, would you be entirely disappointed with me if I tell you that we have failed yet again? What would you say that I could make it up to you by using the deadliest weapon of all time and galaxies? Yep the new and improved Death Star. Only we will call it Starkiller Base just to make sure we are not infringing on the original name. Would that please you Master?" So very randomly this weapon gets used. Several planets and it's inhabitants get destroyed. I felt nothing. This scene was rushed through and it lacked the emotional impact it should have had. We don't know the people who are hit and we are not shown through the characters (properly) how awful all of this is. You just have to accept the fact and that now the focus of the story will be on having to do something about this evil weapon. Sounds familiar? The big lightsabre battle was a highlight for sure but was it epic? No, because unlike the battles in previous film it does not feel like anything is at stake. With very little to no buildup it's one of those fights that doesn't have a lasting impact. How does this fight even compare to the Obi-Wan / Qui-Gon Jinn versus Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace? Or Yoda versus Count Dooku in Attack of the Clones. I remember seeing that fight for the first time in a fully packed cinema and we screamed and cheered with complete excitement when we saw Yoda taking a stance with his lightsaber. It was something so unexpected and therefore so brilliant. 

The whole plot concerning the whereabouts Luke Skywalker was not that interesting to begin with. I was more curious of why Luke would retreat so easily and what the point of that retreat is if you give hints about it so that you can be found. Isn't the whole point of secluding yourself like that to prevent that from happening? But what is even worse that this storyline goes against the stories already been told in the Jedi Knight and Jedi Academy games. If they are going to imply that the force is a thing of the past then what the hell happened in between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens? I was so hoping to have this explored because that to me would have been far more interesting. I think it is quit rare to show the aftermath of a war and the difficulties that come with it. Are there unknown forces that maybe are more powerful and sinister than Darth Vader and The Emperor? It would tie in with the world we know and live in and would give this film just that extra depth it needed. And why would Luke, Han Solo and Leia after fighting so hard let everything slide so easily? It just does not make any sense. I would care more for a character who tried raising their child the best they could but somehow failed to reach the kid despite of their attention and love. Now it looks like that both Leia and Han could not be bothered with parenting to much since they had better things to do. Don't you see how that makes them unlikable? Speaking of which what was up with Leia and Han? Talk about awkward. 

Anyway I don't want to come across as a hater since I did enjoy the film. Although I do think it's important to point out that this film is not deserving of the hype and the praise it has been getting. 

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