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Review Star Trek:Into Darkness (2013) / Discussing trailer Star Trek Beyond

genre: science fiction, action/adventure

Let there be no confusion about it, I really liked this film. But what on Earth did I just see? This was Star Trek? Sure, the references are there and just enough there to give its authenticity. Only I could swear I was watching a Star Wars like film. Don't get me wrong. I love Star Wars. Only Star Trek was always quite the opposite of Star Wars. 

J.J. Abrams is proving himself more and more not to know the first thing of what Star Trek was about. I may have forgiven him for his first expedition. For the second one, I feel very conflicted. Star Trek: Into Darkness is all about the action and less about the science or story. Which for the most part works because it is one adrenalin pumping scene after another. And that creates a problem after a while. Exhaustion. There is only so much adrenalin us humans can handle. Abrams needs to learn to back off. Give the audience a chance to breathe a little, or at least try a different way to hold interest. As I see it, Abrams just isn't skilled enough as a director to do what he is supposed to do. Of course, he makes the whole viewing experience very dramatic and thrilling as possible. But he is destroying a lot of concepts and aspects of the Star Trek Universe that some hold very dear. It is one thing to reference or pay tribute. If not for the fact that Abrams kinda disrespects a lot of established mythologies and characters. I can see now why fans of the franchise have a lot of trouble accepting this course. 

Again, this is a very thrilling and action packed film that is extremely entertaining. Only not for the fans of the first hour. That is all I am going to say for now. 

Now to the trailer of Star Trek Beyond.

Oh Boy! Looks like this is going to even be more action packed than Into Darkness. Beyond is continuing the trend of pissing off people like me who love the original shows and films. Sure, I won't deny that I have been able to enjoy these new ones. But you want to know something. I barely can remember what happened in Into Darkness. For all the spectacle that it gave us, there hardly are true classic moments present that stick to you. Whatever this reboot franchise is, it is not Star Trek. 

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