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Review Steve Jobs (2015): I liked it very much but honestly I still don't know that much about Steve Jobs!

genre: drama

Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded Apple. Do we get this information? No, Wozniak played by Seth Rogen does appear in this film and we do see him and Jobs working in a garage but nowhere explicitly does it get mentioned how exactly things started and who did what. This movie is assuming we know that Steve Jobs is the big man behind the success and we get to see three moments of his life that apparently must have been defining. All I can say is why aren't we getting the real story?

By that I mean why aren't we being shown how Steve Jobs truly was? Why don't we get to see all the sides of him? I believe this is the third film about him and I still have no clue of what made him turn into such a visionary genius. Of course I know the gist of it. He was a very clever businessman and knew when to seize his moments. But I think everybody is already aware of this. So why not explore the man in other ways? We sort of get a glimpse of his relationship with his daughter and I must admit that it was one of the stronger points in the film. But other than that we are left in the dark. As a viewer you have no idea why people hate or admire him so. If it weren't for the top notch acting and dialogue this film would miss the mark completely. Special mention has to go to Kate Winslet who commands presence in every scene she is in. Danny Boyle's direction also manages to keep the film interesting even when basically this is a three part play that could have taken place on one stage. At the same time though this is also my problem with this film. Why did they chose these three presentations? What were their significance? It seemed more like that they chosen these moments in order to serve the dialogue than they were actual important moments in Jobs life. At times it also seemed very unreal and amateurish. Am I honestly to believe that a professional company like Apple would not have things in order a few minutes before the presentation? And that begrudged friends or employees only then would feel the need to express their dismay? That is reaching Aaron Sorkin.

I realize that showing the cold Jobs is very interesting. But wouldn't it be more so if we were shown a contrast? You have to show good before bad really can have an impact. If you just show bad then you get desensitized and increase the chance of distancing yourself from such a character since that is dull to watch. 

As a film on it's own Steve Jobs is quite good. As a biopic this has to be taken with a grain of salt because it does seem like true facts have been distorted for dramatic effect.  

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