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Review of Death Note: Desu nôto" (2006) by Ultimategamer132 and one by Michael Chrichton, the boss man, the big honcho, well, you get the idea.

genre: anime, thriller, crime

Concept and Characters:
Yin and Yang, Light vs dark, good vs evil. The classic battle has been renditioned throughout history in all forms. This time, its Light versus L. Light, equipped with his infamous Death Note that kills anyone when their name is written within, plans to cleanse the world of all evil. But is ready to get his hands even more dirty for anyone who plans to stop his plans. And L, the best investigator known to man for his deductive skills solving any and all cases. Mix this unique rendition on a classic concept, throw in a wisecracking shinigami, and add a dash of likable and unlikable (Misa Misa) characters and you have the making for possibly the best anime of all time. Well, also add an unwanted dessert of slow paced middle that has some pick-up throughout and a fantastic ending.

While a minute amount of facial models look odd, it does not drop the value of this masterpiece one bit. The rest of the characters are drawn in highly great detail that extrapolate upon the even more complicated battle of wits. Backgrounds are equally well done in their simple, yet glorious beauty. 

Even though it feels like a soap opera at times, doesn't mean it has to be one. Don't get me wrong, I've bought songs from the soundtrack and am listening to them as I write this review. Though, in use during the show they are repetitive and become a constant distraction from the would-be drama. That brings me to another point, the drama. One character and one character only, ruins the flow of great voice acting and overall tone, Misa Amane. She has the most high-pitched, annoying voice known to man! She is the definition of a generic anime girl! Take a book from Sword Art Online and make a character like Asuna (only Asuna please).

Death Note is in fact a masterpiece. It has some minor accumulating flaws that might draw some out of its entrancement. Though, if you do stick with it you will be greeted with perfect plot-twists and an even better ending. This makes you think, are my reviews on Death Note paper? Better be on MY nice list! Happy holidays and thanks for reading!

Wonderful review Ultimategamer but I also have to add my perspective on it. So here goes.

This anime succeeded my expectations. I heard about this anime, but didn't pay attention to it because I thought it was just another anime about demons. It is true it has an supernatural element to it. But for the most part this anime is a thriller. And a very good one at that. This anime is full of twists and turns and is very exciting to watch. As the story goes on matters get more complex and more people get involved. But the main reason to watch this show is because of the mind battle between Light and L. L is a special agent in charge of the Kira case. Kira kills criminals in order to make the world a better place. (The way he does it is a real mystery for the police but not for the viewers because we know Kira is using the death note. It's a book from the Shinigami Realm indirectly provided by Ryuk a Shinigami (God of Death) who was bored and was curious what would happen if he a human would get their hands on this book of death. Ryuk is very intrigued by the way Light uses the book and how clever he is to circumvent the rules and restrictions of the death note.) Light is Kira and knows that L is closing in on him. Of course Light wants L dead so he can continue his quest. And L wants to stop Kira. However each time when they get close to their goals they outsmart each other. You simply don't know what to expect. I am telling you this is such a thrilling experience. This anime is tense and serious but also manages to throw in some humor to lighten up matters. Maybe sometimes a little too much regarding Misa Amane like Ultimategamer132 mentioned but then again it doesn't really hurt the viewing experience one bit.

Death Note has a good ending but I would have ended the series earlier (after episode 25). Because the ending would have been more powerful and satisfying. Still overall it is one hell of an anime. Ultimategamer132 is raising the question if this is possibly the best anime of all time. Well, I don't believe there is one best but this certainly is one of the best anime to be ever made. Seriously this anime transcends genres as it offers so many things on a level a lot of tv shows an movies only can dream off. If you are not into anime then this would be the one to start with as I am very sure it will make a believer out of you.

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