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Review [REC] 4: Apocalipsis: Fully embraces the path taken in [REC] 3 and offers some good thrills because of it!

genre: horror

[REC] 4: Apocalipsis ties into all of the previous [REC] movies attempting to give this film series a good conclusion. While it might not succeed entirely I do applaud their effort.

Gone are the subtleties and the emphasis on building up tension. Instead the viewer gets served the most typical horror clich├ęs and scares. And while that is a huge contrast with the original I do think that in this film they are very effective. Basically [REC] 4 continues the path the third one has taken where the focus lies on the gore and grossness more than on of what you can imagine. Which I was perfectly fine with it. More important is the fact that while giving you this horror goodness it also links all of the previous films together. Maybe not done entirely convincingly because I can't remember the second [Rec] that well although it is not vital that much. The tie in to the original is the strongest. Because I am sure people remember the chilling and thrilling events of that one and how it concluded. Everything else can be deduced from how the plot unfolds. It still leaves you in the dark about the origins but maybe they could make a prequel about that alone. If there ever was a franchise where I would love the idea of a prequel it would be this one.

I wasn't expecting much from this fourth part yet it managed to entertain me fully. Judging this as a stand alone film I think it can easily be considered one of the better zombie / infected films. As part of the franchise it might disappoint some fans because of completely doing away with the found footage format. Still even then they will have to admit that it is nice that effort is taken to connect all of the films in the franchise. Not a lot of film makers do that.

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