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Review Spotlight (2015): A good example of why freedom of speech (press) should be maintained at all costs!

genre: drama, history

Spotlight is about a special group of investigative journalists from the Boston Globe who are tasked by going above and beyond to uncover the truth and report about it. In this case it concerns the widespread child abuse by Roman Catholic priests in the Boston area and how the Catholic church did what they could to cover it up.

This is one of those films where the topic being discussed rules all the way. Even if we only would get a quarter of the story everybody who watches this knows what is at stake. Child abuse is a topic that no matter how you look at it will get to you. In this film it will be more so since we get confronted with some facts that are infuriating and devastating. However it is how the subject is handled that deserves praise. These journalists maintain their professionalism and don't stop when they are being rear ended. Now granted this film doesn't show enough of how powerful the resistance of the church is. Although it is implied subtly in for example the dialogue with character Mitchell Garabedian played by Stanley Tucci. And through some of the victims that talk about of what happened to them. Still it's no cake walk and these reporters do what it takes to get to the bottom of things and be objective about it. It is through Mark Ruffalo's character Mike Rezendes, who seems to be a beast when it comes to reporting, that we come to realize this when his discoveries clearly affect him. I have nothing but admiration for people putting in all their time and energy to discover truths that need to be told since depravities like these need to be stopped and annihilated. Movies like these remind us why it is important that newspapers have to remain neutral and unbiased. So please do take note and support freedom of speech whenever you can.

The cast do a superb job where Mark Ruffalo easily stands out with his performance. But Spotlight is a film where the acting has to be done in service of the story and where none of the actors can get bigger than that. Spotlight avoids the usual trappings of drama and tries to cover most of the topic as professional as possible. The film moves along quite fast and compels from the minute it starts. However if for some reason you have no interest in the subject then there is not that much to be gained. But it is important films like these are still being made. Because we do live in a society where the powers that be try to control the media wherever and whenever they can and we need to stop and prevent that from happing at all costs.

Spotlight is a sincere film full of integrity that avoids melodrama to respect the sensitivity of the subject. But it's not one that holds back on it's protest and criticism. In my opinion a film that you have to watch even if it were only to serve as a reminder of how important freedom of speech is.

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