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Review Arthur Christmas (2011): Not feeling Christmas yet? Watch this one and you will!

 genre: animation, comedy, adventure

I say that Arthur Christmas is one of the last real Christmas films that makes you feel happy and jolly even when you are not into Christmas that much. 

It has become hard these days to find good Christmas films that are positive, optimistic and a whole lot of fun. I can't even look at the covers or posters of those Hallmark produced ones let alone sit through them. And yet they seem to be mass producing those movies like crazy. We really have to take a stand against them people. We need sincere Christmas films like Arthur Christmas. 

So what is Arthur Christmas? It's a feel good Christmas movie that is very much about the spirit of Christmas (non religious one) in relation to family and heritage. Arthur one of the sons of Santa Claus seems to be a little clumsy and under appreciated. However he is the only in the family that remains positive and full of spirit. And we are witness to this through some hilarious events full of action and adventure that only on occasion aren't as funny as intended. Arthur Christmas will appeal to young and old and if you might not have gotten that Christmas feeling yet then this film will surely ignite it. 

Need more convincing? Will it help if I mention that this film is produced by Aardman Animations. The people behind Wallace and Grommit, Flushed Away and Chicken Run. What are you waiting for go watch this already!

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