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Review The Changeling (1980): Not bad,but not nearly as chilling made out to be!

genre: horror, mystery

When so many reviewers praise a movie there has to be something that is deserving of that praise. And I have to admit that there are elements that make this a solid movie. But overall I was quite disappointed with this movie. Now I do think it has to do with the fact that this movie relies on using your own fear and imagination. You could perceive this movie as scary as you like since this movie gives you room to interpret matters on different levels. And this is probably it's strength and at the same time it's downfall. If you are an avid fan of horror movies than i'll doubt you will find this movie scary or chilling at all. Because the presented events aren't really original or refreshing. Casual viewers will be more impressed I think. The mystery itself wasn't that compelling either. With movies concerning haunted mansions you know that there is a story behind it and finding out what that story is part of the fun. This finding out part in the movie wasn't that interesting in the first place. It also didn't help that George C.Scott was far too calm and accepting when he was confronted with the so called scary events. Keep your expectations low with this one.

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