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Review Harper's Island (2009): Endure the first 5 episodes. After that it does get better!

genre: thriller, horror, mystery, slasher,

After having seen the first 4 episodes I was ready to throw in the towel and completely ignore this show. Still, I wanted to find out who the killer was. If only to find out if I was right. To inquire if this show showed some improvement I started to read the user comments on this site. And all the positive (especially the recent) ones did get me curious. I must admit that I didn't really expect much improvement. Was I glad to be proved wrong. And trust me to admit something like that isn't easy for me to do. The last fifteen minutes of the fifth episode this show suddenly changes it's tone and pace. While the pace still is not that fast it does however provide the suspense I was craving for from the beginning. From the sixth episode until the final, this show never let's down. Even when you can predict the outcome the writers do have succeeded to build in some traps to mislead us. Of course this show is full of clich├ęs and doesn't do anything new. It does however manage to entertain you till the last minute. Too bad it does take more than five episodes to really grab the viewer. But if you can endure those tedious first five episodes than you will be treated for some solid suspense. And that is the main reason for watching a show like this isn't it? 

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