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Review Stan Helsing (2009): Absolutely dreadful!

genre: comedy (if you can call it that)

Nothing like Scary Movie at all. As spoofs go this movie doesn't do anything to make you laugh. And isn't that the point of a movie like this. There was a real potential in making this a fun movie. But somehow I guess that the director and producers couldn't be bothered. I can't blame the cast since they obviously try their best to make this work. But you can see the desperation in the main character's eyes when he has to do another pointless dialog. Shutting your mind of isn't an option either since there is no slapstick comedy to be enjoyed. Well there are some redeeming elements or maybe even the only reason to watch this. The two girls. One with very nice boobs (Diora Baird) and the other one extremely hot blonde (Desi Lydic most famous for The Daily Show). Sadly this just isn't enough to be tortured through the whole movie. (My advice skip to the sexy scenes with the girls and forget about everything else). Actually scratch previous comment and don't waste your time. Avoid this movie! 

Diora Baird and Desi Lydic as they are featured in the film*:

* Apparently some scenes have been deleted that were considered too shocking and raunchy. Shame really because those probably would have improved the film somewhat.

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