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Review Unknown (2006): The Jim Caviezel one.

genre: thriller

From the start of the movie you want to know what is going on. This I think is always a good move. That way you will get drawn in the movie. I love the little twists and turns. For once I didn't have to wait long for something to be revealed. So it didn't get annoying. All the actors did well. All of the men in the building were able to convince me that they could have been as much of a good guy as a bad guy. This makes the movie very compelling. The movie has a nice pace, not to slow but not fast either. Just fast enough to get the story going and slow enough for the viewer to digest the twists. To be honest I didn't expect the great twist at the end. But that made the movie so much better. I understand that people compare Unknown to movies like Saw and Reservoir Dogs because of the similar situations the main characters are in. But that is where the comparison stops. Unknown is completely different And should be judged as an original movie. Don't get this confused with the Liam Neeson one. That one was pretty poor in comparison to this.

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