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Review Kill The Messenger (2014): Are people ready for real truth? Watch this film if you care about freedom!

genre: thriller, drama

There is a big chance that you might have not heard of this film let alone have seen it. With pretty big names (Jeremy Renner, Michael Sheen, Oliver Platt and Andy Garcia) involved and seeing how it concerns a very important subject you would think this film would have at least gotten more publicity. Maybe it is my paranoia speaking but it is downright strange that this film has slipped under people's radar. Because this film is excellent.

Does this movie reveal topics and issues that we have not heard about before? No, not if you are a critical and observant reader of (actual) news. However what this movie does show and proof how you can't always rely on the media to tell the truth like it is. And how far it even goes to retract and distort the truth. To a point that they go out of their way to discredit a journalist and his integrity even when he has provided proof to support his claims. Twenty years later after Gary Webb published his Dark Alliance articles you would think that we would live in a world where our freedom has increased on many fronts. Sadly this is not the case. Governments and powers that be are still trying to control the information as they see fit, covering up their crimes of corruption and blatantly deceiving the public. Do I need remind you of the whole Edward Snowden affair. The man is in exile because he will be prosecuted or worse even be killed for speaking the truth. And there is no doubt in my mind that he is telling the truth. Anybody with a sensible and critical mind can see that he is. But somehow the majority of people in this world don't seem to have paid attention that much or simply don't care. Well, I am telling you that it is about time that you took an interest and start caring. It is your freedom that is at stake. Watch this film and pay special attention to what Andy Garcia's character is saying to Gary Webb (played by Jeremy Renner). He might not have been entirely truthful about his motivations but his words were dead on. Who wants to live in a world where it is decided for you what you should do and how you should live your life, like a sheep without ambition and freedom, not having any control of your own life whatsoever? Think about this please! 

Killing the Messenger is a tale about Gary Webb where he uncovers some shady things and while his discovery is quite disconcerting it is even more shocking of what happened after. This film does skip on a few details but gives you enough insight to get the general idea of what has transpired and why this film and it's topics matter. I think had the film show us a little more of the threats and the intimidation like for example as they did in The Insider (with Russel Crowe) it would have made a little more impact that it did. Then again who knows what wheels have been turning to keep the exposure of this film and it's topics under wraps. Since again some journalists went out of their way to discredit Gary Webb and his work. Simply put Kill The Messenger is one of those films that will be relevant for a long time as long as our absolute freedom can be maintained.

Special mention has to go to Jeremy Renner who is excellent as Gary Webb. He shows a sincerity to a character that immediately captivates you and makes you stick with him till the end. It his his performance that gets us through this film and certainly in the scenes that seem a little slow and irrelevant. 

Killing the Messenger might not be as strong and powerful as All The President's Men and The Insider but it certainly is an important and relevant film that concerns everyone on this planet. Please do whatever it takes to stay informed and preserve freedom. If it gets lost our lives won't be worth anything. 

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