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Review Scarface (1983): A classic, do I need say more.

genre: crime, drama

One of the best gangster movies around! This is a real classic. When it is on,  I will watch this movie and keep on watching. The movie never gets boring, with an exception to some scenes with Michelle Pfeiffer (who is just annoying and in my opinion not a good actress in this one). Note that this review will contain spoilers. The twists and turns here aren't of the surprising variety. If you have a little common sense you will soon have a good idea how this story will unfold. Knowing events won't change a thing. They will remain shocking and dramatic.

I understand that this movie is a remake of a movie made in 1932. Which was based on events of organized crime during the thirties. Tony Montana himself is based on Al Capone. Although most of the story of the 1983 version is fiction, some elements are based on real facts of the drug trade  in those days. ( The character of Alejandro Sosa in the movie, is based on a real-life Bolivian drug lord, Mr. Roberto Suarez, "the King of Cocaine"). The performance of Al Pacino is what give this gangster movie a special touch to the genre. He is not a simple character. He is smart and ambitious and has got big "cojones" (balls, guts). He can be a bastard but also shows some morality when he refuses to blow up a car because the target's children and wife are also in it. Which ultimately will be the cause of his death in the end. It is nice to see the effects of cocaine on Tony Montana. At one time he doesn't trust anybody, not even his best friend who was more like a brother to him.  The consequences are huge and incredibly tragic. And it is as this time that both Tony and the audience know he is too far gone and that he is doomed. So what better way to go out with style: Say hello to my little friend!

Let me also address the astonishment of Michelle Pfeiffer concerning the popularity of Tony Montana. I am sure that if people would have to deal with someone like him in real life they would have second thoughts but since he is a fictional character it's ok to love him. And why not? The guy has reached the top by himself, he is intelligent, charming and honest. He is not afraid to speak his mind and basically says what he needs to say whether you are someone high up or not. He doesn't care. Unless you anger him. He is also incredibly funny. How can you not like the guy? Naturally he has many flaws which they aren't afraid of showing in the film and that is good since whether you like Frank Lopez (Robert Loggia) or not he is right. 

" Hey, Tony. Remember when I told you when you first started working for me, the guys that last in this business, are the guys who fly straight. Low-key, quiet. But the guys who want it all, chicas, champagne, flash... they don't last. "
Somehow a lot of wannabe gangsters ignore this truth. Tony wanted it all and got it but once he was there he lost his edge and got sloppy. He let his obsessive behaviour get in the way of his good judgment. Of course his drug addiction was one of the main reasons why this happened, but he also wanted to control things he could not. Like his sister. Manny Ribera who was like a brother to him ends up being killed because Tony assumed he know what it was about since he knew how Manny was with women. Not realizing that he truly was in love with his sister. And yes I can understand that Tony was angry but to not give him a moment to explain that is unforgivable and pretty despicable. Right at that moment Tony already had lost whatever respect he had gained. His friend Manny was loyal to him 100 percent and he did not deserve this fate. He redeems himself somewhat by showing remorse of what he has done and going out like the king of the world he was.

Do I really need to tell you that this is one you simply have to watch. Scarface never gets old and showcases Al Pacino's talents as the incredible actor he is. Always worth your time!

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