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Review [Rec]³: Génesis (2012): More tragic than Romeo and Juliet but fun at the same time.

 genre: horror

[Rec]³: Génesis the third in the franchise starts out almost pretty the same as the predecessors but then becomes a different beast. And I for one loved it.

Ask yourself this. How many times can you make the same movie and not get bored with it's concept? The original Rec was brilliant because the first time you saw it you had no idea what was going to happen. It masterfully combined suspense and horror in a found footage format. The sequel was more of the same but missing the element of surprise. While I enjoyed it I already noticed that the formula was getting tiresome. Clearly director Paco Plaza felt the same and changes up the format and brings us a more traditional horror film where the shaky cam is gotten rid of and thank god for that because it saved me some nausea. At times it felt like a throwback to the Eighties and Nineties zombie films like Return of the Living Dead because of the lighter and more comical take on zombies. But I thought that for the most part it still was quite suspenseful and tragic. Now I do think that at one point the film loses steam and becomes a little too predictable although the references to horror classics (like The Shining and Evil Dead) compensate that more than enough.

I don't understand the hate for this flick. It's witty, gory and suspenseful and very entertaining. What more do you want? More of the same? Please. Paco Plaza did something admirable and played around with the concept and parodies his own work. That is just brilliant if you ask me. So give this one a chance!

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