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Review ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2: The best cure for insomnia!

genre: horror, slasher

Chromeskull the sequel to Laid to Rest should never been made since it already exhausted the premise in the original. But secretly I was hoping this film to correct the mistakes it made and give us a slasher we expected in the first place. 

Unfortunately Laid to Rest 2 makes the same mistakes and even adds new ones. The biggest flaw is the lack of creativity. Where in the original the gory deaths made me smile here I got bored with them real fast. It's not everyday you see bodies get cut in half or people getting skinned. Just imagine how bad a film has to be to not be impressed by such bloody visuals. Exactly, incredibly bad. Director Robert Hall is to blame for this. He has not learned a single thing from the mistakes he made. Because again he fails to add any form of suspense and tension. I can't stress enough how important this is. Especially for a slasher. But it gets worse. He must have been under the impression that his original was some kind of masterpiece and that ChromeSkull (the killer) is the new Michael Myers. Sorry to tell you this Bob but ChromeSkull is not even worthy to polish Myer's shoes. Let's face it, ChromeSkull is a boring villain. He is not menacing or scary. He could have been but he is not. And that is because you can't substitute suspense with gore alone. You have to add something that makes the killer interesting. In this case it would have helped to have gotten more background on him. Apparently he has minions who are prepared to go to deep lengths to do his bidding. Why? This is never explained. What possesses people to help out a deranged killer whose only contribution to society is decreasing the world population most ineffectively. Is it money? Are they all brainwashed? But this does not get explored or explained. It is something you have to accept. To me this is utter laziness. Robert Hall could not be bothered to go into this because he probably doesn't know himself. Or he truly thinks the concept is so brilliant that his audience is in awe of his writing skills. Guess again Bob!

I truly wished I could tell you that ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 is worth your time. But it only will be if you are an insomniac. Because this film will put you to sleep real fast. Avoid! 

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