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Review [Rec] (2007): The first found footage film that impressed me!

genre: horror

After Cloverfield and Diary of the Dead i wasn't really anxious to see this movie. But boy am I glad I did. This movie took me by surprise. It starts out slowly and immediately you begin to wonder what the big horror will be. Once the main characters (the news reporter and the cameraman who you can't see) arrive at the building you know that something will happen. But you never quite know what will happen since all the people seem real, so you don't expect weird things to happen. Even when it does, there is an atmosphere surrounding the movie that there is a perfect logical explanation for it all and that everything will be OK. From the first weird event to the next the tension rises and rises until the climax. The climax is predictable but still makes an impact. How? The ending plays with your childhood fears. You don't need fancy special fx. The only thing you need is light or the lack off. I didn't expect to be scared by this movie. But it did. For me there were two moments that stand out. And those two moments were enough to rate this movie higher than Cloverfield or Diary of the Dead. A must watch!

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