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Review 88 minutes (2007): A simple whodunit that entertains

genre: thriller

88 Minutes is no masterpiece. It does what it suppose to do. It is a simple whodunit that entertains. It will keep you guessing until the end. A lot is happening and the pace of the movie is fast. Sometimes too fast. This way the story gets confusing and difficult to follow. The conclusion is nothing special and may be a bit disappointing. In a movie like this every one is suspicious. That is part of the charm. A whodunit can sometimes become a great movie if the actors are more than outstanding. Al Pacino is a likable character and he does a good job. But we don't really get to know him well. In the movie they tell us that Jack Gramm is a brilliant forensic psychiatrist. To be honest it doesn't show. He acts more like a cop. That is a big shame. They had the opportunity to use this profession and do something original. I think Al Pacino does what any other actor would do if they were given this role. But Al Pacino isn't any actor, he is one of the best. At least he could have tried do something special with his character. The other characters do what they can but are limited. (They all are potential killers so they all act suspicious.) You don't really get to know the characters. It would have created much more suspense if we did got to know them better. The title does get explained and gives some depth to the story. Overall 88 minutes is a nice enjoyable thriller. People who love crime thrillers will get their money worth! 

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