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Review Zombeavers (2014): Bad and not the so bad it's good kind, just bad!

genre: comedy, horror

Some of the most memorable horror comedies are the ones where they have a premise that is so unlikely but executed so well that you can go with it and actually have a lot of fun. Zombeavers is not not one of those.

Why? Because right from the start Zombeavers tries too hard to go for the laughs with it's incredibly juvenile humour that it completely detracts from having any enjoyment and fun. Also this film showcases the worst animatronics you can imagine. They could not even be bothered by showing real beavers. Our first introduction to the creatures they were already looking unsavory and of the flesh eating kind.

I can understand that a low budget could limit the options although i have seen films that managed to do much more with so very little so I don't think this can be used as an excuse. More likely that the filmmakers here were lazy. Except maybe for one little spark of creativity the whole film is predictable and dull. And fails to show something fresh.  I am very aware that you can't take these films seriously. I never do when it comes to these films. But you do have to find the right balance between horror and comedy.  And here all of what you see fails to reach the desired effect. Maybe if you are intoxicated it would made you appreciate this more. I wished the people involved with making this film would have watched and learned from films like Gremlins and Critters. Those movies were going for laughs as well but at the same time they took the creatures more seriously and made them scary. The zombeavers never look scary. This could have been compensated with a genuine buildup of tension. But like I said the filmmakers were incredibly lazy so they could not even bothered. 

I really tried hard to look for some nice and good moments. Apart from the one surprise there were none to be found. So trust me when I say that Zombeavers is no fun at all. Not worth your time!

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