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Review Z for Zachariah (2015): Decent post apocalyptic tale but leaves you wondering and I am not sure if that is a good thing!

genre: drama, science fiction, thriller

Let me breakdown the comments on this poster. Not a gripping thriller. You can easily miss it since it is not the best film of this year. And perhaps some
people might find this film incredible or mesmerizing. I personally don't think so.

Z for Zachariah is a decent enough take on lifer after an apocalyptic event. Here the event itself has happened and is barely discussed. You just have to accept it did and go from there. The part of the world we are introduced to seems intact and is very beautiful. The first main character we get introduced to called Ann (played by Margot Robbie) seems to have managed to stay alive and build up a life for herself. She is under the assumption she is the only survivor. Until she meets John Loomis.

Loomis (played by Chiwetel Ejiofor) has quite some impact on her as within time she develops feelings for him. He is more hesitant for whatever reason and just when he seems to be warming up to her a character named Caleb (played by Chris Pine) shows up. Now until this point the film was simple and nice but with him coming into the mix obviously life would be a little more complicated. At first both Ann and Loomis don't know what to think of him although Ann does thinks he is a good person and treats him with kindness in the same fashion she did with Loomis. Loomis of course sees Caleb as a threat and this is where things get interesting. Or at least that is what I hoped. And apart from one event nothing really happens. And the one thing that does happen never gets addressed any more leaving it up to the viewer to imagine of what happened. Whenever they do something like this I am very critical of such a decision. Sometimes I really don't want ambiguity. Just tell me the way it is and I will deal with it. However sometimes it's nice to be able to make up your own story. In this case it doesn't really matter much since the relationship between John and Ann has been altered forever. If that is a good or bad thing I could not tell you.

Z for Zachariah could have offered some interesting and explosive interactions but for the most part keeps the events calm and composed. I don't really understand the reasoning behind this. The way the film is set up it depends on the characters delivering the fireworks. And when that does not happen it make me wonder why this film has made me invest my time into them and the story in the first place? This film did not raise that many questions so that it would keep me occupied long after I have watched it. Only briefly I wondered about two things. But more for the sake of closure than anything. Although I do think that the acting was good. Had it been lesser actors I would have been able to stomach such an uneventful film. This movie is not slow however. The pace is quite good but it can appear slow because there is not that much to the story. It easily could have been but it was not.

Like I said initially. A decent film but nothing more than that. People expecting a thriller full of excitement and suspense will be very disappointed since a lot is subtle and brewing underneath and ultimately left to the viewers perspective and not shown. The science fiction element is limited to the apocalyptic event. I don't think it is an entire waste of time but I would not recommend this. One of those movies you should watch when you are at home having a lazy day. 

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