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Review Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (2015): Good addition in the franchise but perhaps a tiny bit underwhelming

genre: action, adventure, espionage, thriller

This really is Tom Cruise hanging from a plane. That is nothing short of amazing if you ask me.

Before I start let me explain where I am coming from to then let you decide if you agree with me or not. I am a huge fan of the franchise. I liked the shows long before the films were made. The original show (1966 - ) was already pretty impressive in the way the episodes played out and were set up. Each episode put you on the edge of the seat to see if the team would pull it of or not. The revival show (1988 - ) did the same but this time it was more updated to modern times. Then Tom Cruise starred in one hell of a movie, which I still consider the best of the film franchise. And from there I went with it all the way.

Now I think it might have been quite clever of producer Tom Cruise to let each film in the franchise be directed by a different director. It does give each film an uniqueness while with Ethan Hunt and some other cast members returning to maintain a certain continuity. And so far I think all of the directors managed to add their stamp that made me appreciate their take on it. All of the films have offered thrills in their own original way. Except for Rogue Nation. While I really enjoyed the comradery and how the known characters interact with each other I do think that plot wise this one was not as spectacular as I hoped it would be. Premise wise it was full of promise but in the end it did not bring me the fireworks that could have been. I only have to think of an old episode of a British show called Dempsey and Makepeace where super cop James Dempsey was confronted with a crook who was more than his match and made him doubt himself. It seemed like they were going for this in this part but failed to execute that effectively. The one guy that is supposed to be a match to Ethan Hunt never really makes an impression as someone to watch out for despite that being said multiple times. It would have been real fun to see the two play cat and mouse. Only sadly this happens one time only which you could see coming from a mile away. However the lack of plot was more than compensated with the adequate and entertaining action scenes although I must admit they weren't as big as in the previous parts. My guess is that they tried to play it safe this time and perhaps were measuring if people still would go for a Mission Impossible film.

I personally would not hesitate to watch the next film or show (if that is in the works). And this fifth entry does proof that it still can go strong. But hopefully they will take more risks and do something truly fresh again. Certainly worth your time but be aware that a lot of the chemistry between the team members is based on their adventures in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. So be sure to watch that one before you go into this one.

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