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Review Cold Eyes (2013): An exhilarating thriller that doesn't waste a second with filler or useless plot!

genre: thriller, crime, action,

Cold Eyes is one of the titles I came across when looking for nice South Korean thrillers. In one of the review sites someone mentioned that it was very similar in premise to Heat. Heat as you know is a classic masterpiece and if a movie gets compared to that then it is almost obligatory to check it out. 

While I never was expecting this film to reach the same heights as that classic it did pleasantly surprise me. Although apart from the criminals and cop having the same level of professionalism of those in Heat Cold Eyes plays out very differently. The one thing I really liked about this film is how it does not waste a second with unnecessary plot points. What you see on the screen matters. It might not always (especially in the beginning) be clear of what is going on exactly but eventually things will get more clearer. And when it does the real enjoyment begins. Because from that moment on you are on the edge of your seat watching closely how events unfold and transpire. I think Cold Eyes is quite clever in setting up it's characters. You know enough to be interested in them and don't get bombarded with details that only will distract you. At times you will see some of the members of the surveillance team interact with each other which mostly was for comic relief but which also lead to being more invested into these characters. A very minimalistic approach but very effective. Now the majority of the film exists of watching these cops doing their job. And what is not build up with tension or suspense is compensated with tight and good action scenes. If there was any doubt then at one point you will know that these criminals mean business and that they are very dangerous. It is what keeps the chase one and makes you root for the police. 

At the end there is a surprise cameo from a famous Hong Kong actor and I was wondering why that was. Cold Eyes is a remake of Hong Kong action thriller Eye in the Sky where this actors has the lead role. I do love it when film makers proudly refer to the original.  It has made me curious about that film and I certainly will check that one out whenever I can. For now though I am very happy to report that Cold Eyes is very much worth your time. So go watch it as soon as possible!

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