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Review The Rewrite (2014): Charming little comedy with an equally charming Hugh Grant

genre: comedy, romance

You might have gotten the impression that this is one of those typical Hugh Grant rom com films. And while I was going into this expecting the same I got something different, something better.

There is a sniff of romance but that is more something of an afterthought. The sole focus is of reflection of our main character Keith Michaels (played by Hugh Grant) and where he stands in life. He was the writer of an immensely popular film but has never been able to equal or top that success. He is doing so bad that he takes on a job as teacher which is something he really does not want to do. It is fun to see this character grow and mature as he gets insight what truly gives his life meaning and fulfillment. Of course he does not get there on his own. He is aided by his students and one in particular called Holly Carpenter (Marissa Tomei). Marissa Tomei also is incredibly charming and likable and has some great chemistry with Hugh. Actually the whole cast including Chris Elliot were sympathetic. There were some moments where they made the difference and made otherwise average jokes real hilarious. 

I don't know why this film slipped under the radar. But this is a movie that deserves to be watched. So what are you waiting for? Buy or rent this one as soon as possible.

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