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My thoughts on Assassins Creed (XBOX 360): It still is one hell of a game!

 genre: action/adventure

The first game I bought for the xbox 360 and I don't care what they say now it blew me away when I played it. Visually it was unlike I had ever seen. Naturally because seeing High Definition in your own room for the first time is an experience in itself. Of course there were some flaws in the way some gameplay elements were handled. And also very different from what I expected. At that time I was heavy into stealth. And the premise of assassinating people in a world you basically could choose your own path and way how to do so was very appealing. Little did I know that the options were a little limited. Because Altaïr wasn't actually equipped to play it stealthily. Sure you had the abilities to hide, kill silently and move bodies. Only the game would send so many enemies your way there was no point really and better to defeat them out in the open in combat. This combat was brilliant and exciting. Did take me a while to get used to it since patience is key and you have less control as in other third person action / adventures. But once you get the hang of it, it is one of the most fun things to do. Which will be a lot. The required recon missions like pickpocketing, eavesdropping and tailing someone before you actually get to kill someone make a lot of sense in the beginning. Later on though you realize you have to do it all the time for each major kill. And that got a little tedious to be honest. Once you realize it is not about the stealth then everything becomes so much more fun and exciting since some sequences and events in the game are quite epic. In fact the whole ambiance of the scenery and the story feels like there is a lot at stake. The story was very enjoyable and I liked how they tied in the past with the present. Only I did wish that the Desmond sections really amounted to something because other than to move the story along they kind of broke the flow of the events with Altaïr. And the ending is a little abrupt. Overall though it is one of the best and immersive action/adventure games I played in my life.

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