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Review Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back (1995): Philip Rhee cooler than cool, almost Fonzie cool!

genre: martial arts, action

You simply got to love these action flicks where they are actually trying to add some real social issues in the mix to keeps thing interesting. In this case it is Tommy Lee tackling racism.

Does it give something insightful and to think about? When it comes to this topic I think you can't stress enough how awful it is to discriminate someone just because they have a different colour or ethnicity. In the end we all bleed red. However in this film of course it is used as a plot device for our character Tommy Lee to go against these racists. They aren't particularly bright so at one point it does make you wonder how they managed to get so big and organized. Tommy punches and kicks them down like it's nothing and still it doesn't register with them to give up. As they keep coming at him over and over again. But that is what makes this film so fun because of course it's the stylish fighting that is the main draw. Although something is a little different in this part. Tommy is ultra cool and suave. He has mad swagger in this one so you better recognize. I can't remember him being like that in the other films in the franchise but I happened to notice this and it was highly amusing.

Philip Rhee cooler than cool!

It does take a little while for the action to start but by now you know you can expect a certain quality from Philip Rhee and he delivers that gloriously. Now the enemies this time aren't particular skilled fighters but there are a lot of them so the fighting scenes are a little less stylish and spectacular. Don't worry though since it's a joy to watch these ignorant mofo's getting beaten to a pulp. No, I don't condone violence in real life but since this is entertainment and not real I am entitled to feel the satisfaction when these guys get pulverized by Tommy. And there are certainly some scenes where it is very much warranted. 

The villain not knowing who he is dealing with. Or he just farted.

Gina Gershon was a nice addition but at times you could tell she was uncomfortable being in B movie world. Christopher McDonald could not even act bad even if he wanted to but he was not given much to do and was a little wasted as the sheriff struggling to not cross the line. Dee Wallace Stone also appears in this one. Which also seemed something of an afterthought. But at least in the short time she had she made it clear she was very sad and embarrassed about her son joining these low life neo nazi's. 

I bet I can say goodbye to all of this if I do Showgirls

Overall Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back is an excellent action flick that delivers and never is boring. Plus you get to see Philip Rhee fighting bad guys in a clown suit. Do I need say more?   

You say I have a big nose? No, you didn't.......

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