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Review Wayward Pines (2015 -): It could have been truly compelling but is lacking and therefore feels underwhelming!

genre: mystery, drama, science fiction

Wayward Pines has a very big Lost vibe except it is not nearly as compelling and good. It's decent and entertaining enough once you get into the show but it's very flawed since it is lacking in many areas. 

One of the flaws is failing to build up suspense and tension properly. It took me three episodes to get into it and then before I knew it something was revealed that completely took away the mystery that I was looking forward to unravel meticulously and slowly. Maybe I am the first to say it but I would have not mind for this show to have more to it than what I got exposed to. It felt so underwhelming and almost pointless. Not to mention that even within the show's universe and logic that none of the events in the first episodes made any sense. Because those events are just there to put you of course. They are red herrings. And I would have accepted all of that had they managed to kept things mysterious at least for a while longer. I kept hoping that there was more to Wayward Pines but if anything the ending of the show is proof that if there was going to be a second season it would basically be a rehash of the first season with lesser actors. 

Saving grace of this show is the acting. Matt Dillon and Carla Gugino make it worth your while and that is quite extraordinary since they are not given that much to work with. You know there is much more to their characters but they hardly get fleshed out. We get rushed through to what makes them tick. It is clear we are supposed to care about Matt Dillon's character Ethan Burke. And how we get invested in his quest to figure out what is going on. We gladly accept it because Matt Dillon manages to be captivating even if he would play the most despicable and vile human beings. But it is the real substance and depth I miss that was present in shows like Lost and The Leftovers. If you only have one real mystery then you have to go deeper into the human psychology. Especially if you learn about what is going on. Not much is left to the imagination and it plays out in pretty predictable fashion. And for what? Like the whole show was pretty underwhelming the ending is even more so since it does make you feel like you wasted valuable time. Not that I completely disliked it. Although I was hoping for so much more. That being said I am glad that it got an ending that gives you some kind of closure. 

Do I think this is worth your time? It's only ten episodes. And if you have nothing to watch then you can go through them real fast. For the most part Wayward Pines is entertaining only don't get your hopes up about the mystery part. It's not as compelling as it could have been. I doubt you will see the big twist coming though I give it that but too bad not more is done with it. 

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