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Reaction to A Man's apology (youtube): Feminism gone wrong!

One of the guys who has the audacity to speak on my behalf. 

Since Youtuber Chase Crouse has disabled the comments on this video (his only video I might add which is very suspect if you ask me) I felt compelled to respond to that video on here. I am not going to link or embed that video in this post since I refuse to do so out of protest. But I assume that if you came here to read this post you already have seen it.

This video caught my eye since I saw MrRepzion had made a parody on it and featured some scenes of that video and I was quite annoyed by the pretension of it all. Here MrRepzion's video BTW:

All kinds of thoughts went through me but none of them were good. Mostly I felt anger. Especially because of this sentence: 

To all the women in the world. A much needed apology on behalf of all men.

Say what? I did not get any memo, email, phone call, whatsapp or whatever about this. Shouldn't I at least be informed and give consent before a few random guys I don't even know are going to speak on my behalf? 

What and why are they doing this on behalf of all men. They might be screw ups or low lives. I am certainly not. Heavily flawed for sure. But I will only apologize if some of my actions warrant that. I am me. And I don't identify myself with any other man. I am an unique individual that has his own unique thought patterns and morality. I think I am conscious and experienced enough to know when I need to make good or compromise. An apology should come from the heart. My heart. Plus I personally only apologize to people that matter to me. Why would I need to apologize to all the women in the world? I only have contact with a few of them. 

The whole approach of this video is wrong on so many levels. The women they speak of are treated like damsels in distress or victims. Like they can't be held responsible for their own actions. That they are always innocent and good. And that they need to be protected and so on. Believe it or not, some woman can be bitches sometimes. Yes, I said it. Just as I can be an asshole or whatever curse word you can imagine. Women like men can be good and bad. Can act on their own. Can do despicable things. Can do whatever is in their means or imagination. Can have bad days and take it out on others. But no, they need to take it further and portray men as villains and perpetrators of all the bad things that has happened to women.  Are you kidding me? I try to treat every person with respect and treat them in a way I myself would like to be treated. It makes no difference for me if you are a man or woman.  Besides each woman or man like me are unique individuals. Each have their own quirks, ways and own issues. 

The woman I know don't need other people. They can handle themselves. They earn money on their own. They are strong and assertive. They are independent. They don't need your pity or apology. What they do need is someone to treat them like equals. Talking down or treating them like victims is exactly the thing that is hurtful or damaging.

Chase Crouse, if that truly is your name, never ever speak on my behalf again. I am perfectly capable of doing that on my own. If one day I would not be able to I certainly would not choose you to do so. Since you obviously have a lot to learn about men, women and life. 

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