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Review Underdog Kids (2015): I freaking loved this movie! Fantastic martial arts plus it makes you feel good at the end!

genre: martial arts, family, feel good,

Philip Rhee is back and how. Philip as Jimmy "The Lightning Bolt" Lee a former MMA champion reluctantly becomes a martial arts coach of a bunch of kids from a poor neighborhood and helps them become winners. 

The story might be predictable and not that original but it has it's heart in a good place. It was nice to see some issues being touched that some kids have to face without getting too preachy. Despite the light approach a few scenes will get to you since they are full of a sincerity that most people can relate to. In essence Underdog Kids is like Rocky and The Karate Kid combined. With one major difference. These kids actually are very skilled. The choreography is nothing short of amazing and you will see them do the most spectacular kicks and stunts. Philip Rhee who is 55 is in incredibly good shape and form also shows he still can crush heads like it is nothing. I sincerely hope he really is back to do more movies because I can't wait for him to do a proper action film. This one while good was more a family movie that also was very funny at times. 

Philip Rhee has made a wonderful feel good movie with excellent martial arts. What more do you want? (Underdog Kids is just as good as the original Best of the Best, for people who are wondering.)

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