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Review Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2: The original Paul Blart was unintentionally competent. Now he is intentionally incompetent.

genre: comedy, crime, action

The original Paul Blart: Mall Cop was a little comedy featuring Kevin James basically doing a Die Hard in a mall. It was funny enough because Kevin James played a charming and likable character and you wanted him to come out glorious. In this sequel all that charm is gone and you are left with someone you barely care about.

First of all it is astonishing that they made this sequel. I guess the first made enough profit for them to go ahead with this project. However don't think for a moment that this is one that is going to be bigger and better than the previous. It is exactly the opposite. It's just worse and worse. What were they thinking? Were they even trying to deliver some good laughs? The comedy is awkward and pathetic. Only at very brief moments I managed to chuckle because of the blatant absurdity of it all. And that is not a compliment. One running joke for example is how Paul Blart who is very lonely and in need of companionship is being very rude to this attractive hotel manager because he is under the impression she is coming on to him a little too hard. And this joke might have seemed very clever on paper. On screen it simply fails to be comical. 

At least in the original Paul Blart was unintentionally competent. Now he is intentionally incompetent. Which gets tiring real fast. So at one point you really have to shut of your brain and go with the flow and surprisingly then the remaining twenty minutes become quite enjoyable.

Overall though this is not one I can recommend. It does not feel like a total waste of time but it comes very close to it. 

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