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Review Poltergeist (2015): The best comedy I have seen in years!

genre: horror

The only terrifying thing about this Poltergeist is that they dared to release this and hoping to get away with it like this is a real contender in the genre. Did you really 
produce this crap Sam Raimi? Say it isn't so. Please.............

When I heard they were going to do a remake of horror classic Poltergeist I was very skeptical. However this time I wanted to keep an open mind and try to watch this as I have never seen the original before. I was fully prepared to back this film up and give it credits if it would deserve them. But OMG, this film is downright hilarious. 

I could go into mentioning all the flaws and mistakes but trust me that really would make for a very long article. The hugest fault of this remake is that it has absolutely no buildup of tension and dread. Things start happening in an extremely fast rate barely giving the viewer the chance to be scared. But even the moments that are supposed to be eerie and creepy simply lack any impact other than that the whole wrong approach of this horror made me laugh. This Poltergeist is a prime example of how not to do a reboot or remake. Gil Kenan obviously is a very inexperienced director and has no sense at all of how to make a horror film. I am not even talking about the excessive use of CGI. When used properly it can be very effective. But more about knowing what scares people the most. Often that is everything what you can't see. Where your own imagination and mind will play tricks on you. I mean what is more scary?  A clown doll in plain sight with his eyes open looking at you constantly where the camera zooms in slowly. Or a clown doll apparently moving around a lot where the camera is moving all around the place fast where you can't even register of what is going on? If you aren't aware of the fact that something is wrong, how will you get scared from it? Now this might not be the best example because the clown scene was one of the better ones. But it does show the incompetency of the director who desperately is trying to hide with heavy movements of camera and other effects that he hasn't got a clue of what he is doing. Another example is towards the finale where the light is blinking and showing you glimpses of something that would have looked far more creepy had they kept things dark and revealed that what we are supposed to see more slowly and clearly. 

In any case this remake fails on all levels and is a genuine travesty. I feel real bad for Sam Rockwell to be involved in this project. Avoid people. Or better still watch the original Poltergeist. It's a classic for a reason.

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