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Review Castle Season 7: Mixed feelings, when it's good it's super good. Otherwise it is very average! (Spoilers)

Season 6 of Castle ended with a very outrageous ending. Which was the start of one of the most questionable arcs. Castle somehow gets kidnapped right before his wedding which is a moment that would only draw a lot of unnecessary attention to it and does not make sense if you want to keep a low profile. Of course the reason behind this is to cause a big drama since people were counting on Castle and Beckett to be united as husband and wife. I myself was not amused with this. I thought this was incredible lazy writing and was wondering how they would explain all of this.

Then the first two episodes the writers insult the viewers even more by not explaining a damn thing and even trying to make Castle look like a shady figure with an agenda where even Kate is having doubts, damaging the relationship between them significantly. But what really angered me was the fact how basically was forgotten who Castle was and what he stood for. How could they disregard that so easily? Again lazy writing. It was just a way to cause friction. And I mean come on the whole arc was ridiculous right from the start. What was the big mystery behind it? Some former Al Qaeda member turned informant who used to go to the same school as Castle needed his help. They needed a civilian who would not be seen as a threat to approach him or something like that. By helping him out Castle prevented a terrorist attack saving thousands of lives. But of course this can't be talked about or discussed since it has to remain a secret. Castle being a good patriot therefore lets his memories get erased and replaced with some fake ones. Honestly that is just fucking insane. Let's assume for arguments sake that this is something to keep secret to this extent. Why then minutes after figuring out things and being told to keep his mouth shut he has no trouble telling his mother, daughter and Kate? He went to all kinds of trouble to keeping it from them all this time and now suddenly it's ok to reveal it. Sorry I am not buying it. This whole story was getting bothersome for the writers and they realized they did not have a brilliant way to resolve it so this is what they came up with. Not only was this anti climatic, it actually does not add anything to the character of Castle. You can take out this whole story arc and still it barely has any impact on Castle and Beckett. If that is not bad writing then I don't know what is. But wait it does not stop here. Now suddenly Castle at age eleven had an encounter with a serial killer but was let go and this was the pivotal moment that Castle decided to look for the story and become a writer. Please! This simply does not make any sense. Castle never ever mentioned this before. And it is not something you would ever forget or hide. What would be the reason to? There is not one good reason not to speak about it. Hang on though, this is not even the worst of it. Kate Beckett out of nowhere gets the chance to run for State Senator. Kate who dislikes politics with a passion, something she admitted in a few episodes prior to the season finale actually is considering this? Come on! This is so far fetched it's not even funny anymore. Very likely this is just another setup for a change in the dynamics of the show for better or worse. 

The triple killer arc was easily the best arc of the entire show. It pushed all of the characters in the show to the edge but never too far that it would stray away from who they essentially were. A lot of the other arc like the amnesia one simply disregarded logic and let the characters do things they would never do. And only to create drama and some cheap thrills. 

I don't know. I know that technically Castle still can be a good show if they manage to create some interesting main arcs or more interesting dynamics. However there is only so much you can do to characters without it becoming repetitive. I will see what season 8 will bring. If it does not change overall for the better I will quit watching it. 

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