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Renée Zellweger messed up her face.

Renée Zellweger is born 25 April 1969. That makes her 46 years old or young. Depends on the way you look at it. So I accidentally saw one of her latest photo's and I was rather shocked. Her face has changed beyond recognition. Not because of old age, disease or whatever, no it's because of plastic surgery. 

Here are some older pictures of her, the way most of us are familiar with:

Here are two pictures of the way she looks now:

The reason why I am writing this article about it is since I simply don't understand why someone would ruin their face with plastic surgery when they don't need it. And because of this article where they claim it is perfectly ok for her to do so.

Of course anybody has the right to do what they want with their looks and appearance. However it is within my rights to question the motivation and the logic behind this. In the article for example the public is getting blamed for caring too much about one's appearance on one hand but at the same time is telling the public that the way you look in the film business is a brand. Giving several examples of how the appearance fits the role. I for one find this notion ridiculous. I can understand the actors wanting to look the part as much as possible. But looking the part is only a small part. You should also be able to express and deliver your dialogue that would suit the role you are playing. On stage in the theater they use make up and costumes to look the part and the rest comes from within. There is no need to alter your face at all.

I did read that Zellweger told the press that she was feeling happy and content now implying that she was not before. This is a reason you hear often in favour of plastic surgery and one I don't always agree with. It would make sense if your face looked disfigured before and then after you would look as what most people would consider "normal". Am I honestly to believe that Zellweger had disadvantages of the way she was looking before? She looked beautiful, didn't she? And she got respected for her acting just as much. Naturally this is all subjective but the way she looked never was that big of an issue for me since looks only give you so much. In the end it is all about the way you carry your role and present yourself. She was very good in the roles she played and she should have focused on other ways to get different roles. If that really is the case as being mentioned in the article. 

I personally am not a fan of plastic surgery. There are only a few reasons when I think it's ok to do it.  I am not downplaying real psychological issues that people might have. However you will never ever solve these with just altering your appearance. But the ease for people in the showbizz to alter their face like this is beyond me. I know that some actors are very insecure people and that they get pressured about their looks constantly.  Does beg the question if these actors aren't better served with counseling and therapy where they will learn that there is no need to feel the way they do and that they are beautiful and good the way they are. And that they have the ability and skills already to bring of what is asked of them.

Because if you don't change their way of thinking every time when someone will feel inadequate or unhappy with the way they look they would try to change it. People should come to terms with getting older. It's part of our life and just as beautiful as being young. 

I am curious of what you think of this?  Please let me know and comment.

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