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Review Gatchaman a.k.a. Gacchaman (2013): No planets were harmed while filming!

genre: science fiction, comic book adaptation, action, superhero

Gatchaman is a live action adaptation of an anime called Battle of the Planets. I remember having watched this cartoon in my youth and I also remember liking it back then. However I can't recall much of what is was about. And I am guessing that not many are up to date on this anime so there was little to no chance of upsetting fans giving the film makers a lot of freedom.

However they failed to use this freedom to it's potential. Gatchaman wastes too much time focusing on themes I did not find particular interesting. Let's face it. If you are remaking an action anime that featured a lot of action you simply have to do the same in the film. And Gatchaman really drops the ball here. It opens up spectacular and makes you want to watch to see more of the same. Then however it's decided to go deeper into the background of some characters without actually exposing them fully or giving them depth. I personally get real tired of love triangles and really felt out of place here. A lot of unnecessary flashbacks, dialogue and fake melodrama follows that spans more than an hour before a decent action scene appears. I say decent, but it's nothing compared to the first action sequence. I have to say that by this time I could care less about these characters, the plot or any of what was left that this film had to offer. Basically I lost interest. Which is a real shame.

Gatchaman had a real potential to be exceptional. Visually it looked good and if the film contained more of the spectacle that was shown in the beginning it would have been great and fun. Now it simply is not worth your time. 

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