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Review Kung Fury (2015): It revels in all of the good and the bad that Eighties movies had to offer and it's marvelous!

genre: martial arts, action,

Here the full film Kung Fury:

Kung Fury is a short film that embraces the best and the worst of the Eighties and therefore is nothing short of a masterpiece. It shows how much fun movies can be if you let go of certain conventions and go for pure escapism instead of realism. 

This Kickstarter project is proof of what you can accomplish if you put a lot of love in it. Apart from the high nostalgia factor, a lot of care is put in this work to appeal to many crowds. It's hilarious, the action is very well choreographed, and it's totally insane. How can you not love it? I will not describe any of the events, since this is something you have to see with your own eyes without any preconception. The estimated budget is 600.000 dollars. Which in today's film business is considered extremely low budget. And yet Kung Fury manages to do so much with very little. Will the story make sense? No, but who cares? You don't get time to think about the illogical events. Instead, you will enjoy and be thrilled by such incredible awesomeness displayed on your screen. I think a lot of contemporary filmmakers should take note of this. This is how you should make films. 

I hope this is the beginning of more projects like this and that the people involved with Kung Fury will get the chance to make a feature film. Bring back the no nonsense escapist fun!

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