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Review Loophole (1981): Decent heist film!

genre: crime, heist,

Chances are very big you will have never heard of this title. And yet it is one I think is a little deserving of more attention. How could you not be when names like Albert Finney, Martin Sheen and Jonathan Pryce are involved.

This heist film maybe less thrilling or remarkable as similar films in the genre it does show something that those rarely do. In Loophole we get to see real people working together on a job that happens to be a criminal undertaking. I personally thought it was quite refreshing not to be confronted with the usual conflicts, backstabbing, killings and violence. Albert Finney as Mike Daniels treated his crew with respect and in their turn respected him and accepted his authority very easily. I liked it how the people he chose to work with were reliable, capable and professional. 

Of course I can't deny that Loophole is lacking something for it to really stand out. A lot of the events are a little underplayed and feel a bit underwhelming. But this could be due to the inexperience of director John Quested. Although the good cast does make up for a lot of that is missing. 

This film won't blow you away but it is worth your time if you catch it somewhere on the tube. It definitely is much more competent than contemporary heist films.

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