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Review Infamous: Festival of Blood (2011 / PS3): It sucks.......

genre: action, adventure

Festival of Blood is a standalone expansion on Infamous 2 and does not require you to have Infamous 2 on your PS3. Which is always a plus if you ask me. I was drawn to this game ever since I heard of it but knowing it was DLC I simply was not sure of it. Then I was able to get it on PSN for an incredible low price. It made it more attractive to purchase it. Seeing how the game was developed by Sucker Punch I had faith that it would be worth it.

To be honest though I am very disappointed with this game. You will hardly find a review that speaks out against this expansion and even will find a lot of praise. The only real criticism that surfaces is the fact that the game might be a little too short. In my opinion this short length is a blessing. I don't think i would have been able to stomach to keep playing if it went on longer than it did. 

Festival of Blood is not a super bad game by any means. It does offer some of the same mechanics from the previous games. But then it changes some elements to give you the illusion that you gain new powers and abilities. The premise of Cole becoming a vampire on top of him having super powers naturally looks like it is going to be a lot of fun. Practically speaking though it is not that extraordinary. Being able to turn yourself into bats and then fly wherever is immensely cool. If not for the fact you can't do this limitless as you need to feed on people. To drink their blood to be exact. Which does make sense of course. But sadly it's a pain. You fly for a very brief time and then you drink blood and fly again. Luckily there are always people on the streets to drink from but your freedom is limited. You can't fly high up because it will take too much time to get down and drink blood. ( Very strange is the fact that drinking blood does not restore health. You still need to find an electrical source for that. Very illogical if you ask me.)

There are ways to upgrade the amount of blood you can fill up. Mostly you achieve this by defeating the blood packs and random vampires you encounter. Which becomes very repetitive. I completely forsake these vampire powers and kept using my old ones. However you don't have the whole set of powers you gained at the end of Infamous 2. Only after achieving certain tasks you unlock some of them which you barely use anyway since using the basic blast seems to be the most effective. And I really tried to find all those blood packs and do whatever I could on the side. 

But as it turns out there is not that much to do. Cole's playing ground has been scaled down (understandable of course) and stripped down to bare essentials. There is no real incentive to explore. Well, maybe increasing your health a little is useful. Because I don't know what happened to the old Cole but this Cole can die very quickly. And with not that much electricity around it can be very challenging. In that aspect of course it is very similar to the previous Infamous games. Main difference is that both those games there is a natural progress of him becoming stronger and better. Here you are playing a light version of Cole undoubtedly to make the game more challenging in a very cheap way. 

The vampires offer nothing new to the table and don't require a lot of strategy. Seen one of them seen them all. Even the main baddie can't be bothered to do something creative and instead keeps sending you the same enemies over and over until you manage to get in a few blows to her so that eventually you will wear her down. After having beaten her you are warped to the city again and you could roam around and upgrade your character by doing those repetitive tasks again. But why bother? It's boring.

Vampires are cool excluding the Twilight ones. But the ones here come close to those. Sucker Punch really could have gone crazy. But they played it safe and very economical. Festival of Blood is basically more of the same with much lesser options and simply is less fun. I really can see no reason why anyone should pick up this game since I do think it is a waste of time and money. I would prefer to replay the older games than this one. 

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