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Review Cyber Ninja a.k.a. Mirai Ninja (1988): Intriguing for all the wrong reasons!

genre: science fiction, action, martial arts

Ninja's are cool. Let there be no doubt about that. And Cyber Ninja with all of it's incredible badness proves that yet again. However it does not manage to draw you in like you initially would think. Take a look at the trailer underneath and then tell me if you aren't impressed by it?

I was like, I need to watch that as soon as possible. Which turned out to be a big mistake. Not that Cyber Ninja is not trying to be creative. It's actually very imaginative special effect wise. However it completely fails to put those in context and make them fun. Somehow despite the pretty grand scale of events it never manages to pull you into the events. As expected the focus is on the crazy action. However the choreography of the martial arts scenes is unbelievable average. Never did it get truly exciting. And not going to lie I really was hoping this was going to deliver on all of that Ninja goodness one could expect. I mean how often do you get to see samurai and ninja's battling it out in the future using swords just as cool and effective as light sabers. Or huge cannons shaped like houses that are mobile. But apart from all the wackiness that is going on it simply never grabs you. Cyber Ninja intrigued me ever since i got introduced to it. But now it intrigues for all the wrong reasons. How is it possible that a movie with such an awesome concept and even more creative and imaginative director fails to entertain? At times it did look like that the film was poorly cut and edited. So it could be that some pivotal and thrilling scenes were left out to keep the duration short. I sincerely hope that is not the case. Because that would mean we have been denied what possibly could be one of the most coolest movies ever! 

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