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Review Pound of Flesh (2015): Even intoxicated this one is hard to stomach!

genre: action, martial arts

Jean-Claude Van Damme used to be an action star you could depend on even if he starred in real bad movies. I thought I was prepared for how bad Pound of Flesh was going to be. I was wrong. 

Without a doubt this has to be one of the worst he has ever been in. The action is poorly choreographed and edited. And to make it even worse, Jean-Claude uses stand ins for even the simplest moves. When Sylvester Stallone asked him to join The Expendables, Jean-Claude refused that offer. In an interview I saw he made fun of Sylvester Stallone and was incredibly arrogant saying he could do much better on his own. Well, we know how that turned out. However after seeing him in The Expendables 2 I was convinced he was motivated to make better action films like he did in his prime. Or at least attempt to make fun films like he used to. He kept claiming that he had become a much better actor and wants to prove this to the world. It's a real mystery then why Van Damme does not bother to give his best in this film. Pound of Flesh is so bad that it becomes real hard to take anything serious. None of the dialogue was real or believable. Even in the supposedly more dramatic scenes you can't but help to laugh at the delivery of the lines. Which becomes more comical in a sequence where Jean-Claude explains why he has a French accent and his brother an American one. The ending really takes the cake. Don't worry not going to spoil it but let's say it amps up the melodrama with 300 percent and almost made me have a fit. I know that Van Damme wants to be taken more seriously and that he wants to shift to movies outside the action genre. Only advertising a title as action flick and then serve an incompetently made tragedy is low. I feel duped, conned and robbed of some precious 90 minutes.

I was expecting a Taken like approach where Van Damme was going to kick ass like Liam Neeson did. Who cares what the motivation is as long as he dishes out some delightful pain to the crooks. What we get instead is simply too embarrassing for words. It never does what is promised in the trailer. There barely is action at all. 

"I hate to break it to you Jean-Claude. I don't watch your movies because of your acting. Just accept this truth and do what Stallone is doing. Go back to making the old school action movies you used to make while you still can."

I advice you to skip this. Never ever watch this! 

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