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Review Crash Dive (1997): It dove alright, so deep that it did not manage to surface!

genre: action, adventure,

Crash Dive has to be one of the worst Die Hard clones I have ever seen. And to my surprise Michael Dudikoff was unable to make the viewing experience more enjoyable. Granted he is not helped by the lack of creativity and imagination on the director's part. Andrew Stevens who also is an actor fails to bring something fresh to the table which in itself is not that much of a big deal if it weren't for the fact that the plot and action never is exciting or thrilling. Films like these have to have some sense of threat and urgency. And Andrew Stevens does not know how to deliver that. Most events regarding Dudikoff are ridiculous in a very bad way. Now I knew beforehand that this was going to be a bad movie. Still I had hoped that the cast would revel in it and make the most of it. Damn my luck for the actors taking everything too seriously. Except for maybe Christopher Titus. But in the end the biggest letdown is the lack of enjoyable action. It's so generic that at one point you wish it would be over already. The duration of the film is only 90 minutes but it felt much longer than that. Is it really that bad? Yes, it is. Production and visual wise it looks decent enough. But everything is so  dull and average that there simply is no fun to be had at all. Seriously don't bother with this one! 

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