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Review Ultraman a.k.a. Ultraman: The Next(2004): A Kaiju Classic!

genre: kaiju, adventure, action

This movie blew me away. I know this is based on an old series. But somehow they managed to keep it fresh and new for viewers who are not familiar with this series. The pace is fast and the story is quite good. The story about a loving father and husband who turns in to Ultraman is done in a proper manner. He gradually accepts his fate in becoming a superhero. You will care for this man and his family. While a good story often is essential in this genre the most important focus should be on on the action front. And Ultraman delivers incredible action and then some. The giant lizard like monster is out to destroy everything in his path and you will see all of that in it's glorious magnificence. Buildings are blown away by his fire breath. You get to see the monster do a lot of crushing and pounding people. You will see Ultraman fighting this giant monster in one hell of a battle. And let's face it that is what you crave for in this genre. Even when you know that they still are men in suits. What makes it even better in this Ultraman that it doesn't look cheesy at all. A lot of care went into the special effects and choreography. In fact I think that Ultraman looks phenomenal. Wait! Did he just say phenomenal? Dude, you are kidding right? It doesn't look anything like for example Pacific Rim. Of course, it doesn't. But consider the year it was made in and the budget they had. Plus if you compare it to previous titles in the genre it is an improvement visually and story wise. So yes, I stand by what I just said. For me all kaiju movies should be like this. Ultraman is a classic! 

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