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Review Divergent (2014): Much better than The Hunger Games

genre: science fiction, action, adventure

You can't go around The Hunger Games and not compare Divergent to it. And I have to admit that was one reason why I was a little hesitant to watch this initially. However I felt more a connection to this world than that one displayed in The Hunger games. It was far easier to relate to Tris. Granted in both movies people are restricted in the way they lead their lives. But in Divergent at least you have the sense of choice and they had something to look forward to. Plus the restriction was done a little more subtly as it would have been in the real word. In today's world people want you to believe that you only can be good in one or few things while a lot of people prove they can do more time and time again and that the options are limitless if you get the chance to discover and develop those. I personally loved it how some characters were defiant even when the majority told them not to. They seemed much more compassionate and humane than the characters in The Hunger Games. Now to be honest Divergent can be a little slow sometimes but it did not stop me from immersing myself with it. And the plot is not exactly new either. But the difference is the mood. Despite the dark themes that are present here it never gets too much. Very wisely so I might add because when something bad happens it makes much more of an impact. The direction is much tighter and superior to that of The Hunger Games. Plus the director doesn't make the mistake to overwhelm you with secondary characters too much as it would detract from learning about this world through the eyes of Tris. Overall I thought that Divergent does a much better job of telling it's story and portraying an everyday girl reaching her full potential despite the odds against her. I like it how when she starts her training she still has to develop. And how she works hard and puts in the effort to do so. So yeah for me Divergent was so much more appealing than The Hunger Games. 

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