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Review Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014), don't listen to the naysayers, this one is epic and beautiful

genre: drama, action, adventure, religion

After having seen Noah and being heavilyly disappointed by it I was a little skeptical of watching this one. Two persons persuaded me to give it a chance anyway. Which is Ridley Scott because he never let me down before and Mrs. P. who has exquisite taste. She is very critical of biblical tales but she liked it very much and said it was a must watch. And I am so glad I did because this film was beautiful. I honestly don't understand why some people are so critical and hateful towards this. But then again I am not a Christian and not well versed when it comes to the Bible although I know enough to see that Ridley Scott was very respectful in handling the story. And of course noticed the changes he made. But from how Exodus was set up and told it made sense. From the start I was grabbed by the events and the characters.  Visually everything was stunning and beautiful. But most of all I was moved. Something I did not expect to be at all. For me most events came across as thrilling and epic. I read reviews that some found Exodus to be lacking depth and underwhelming. Thing is that if you are willing to scratch underneath the surface the complexities are there only they aren't thrown into your face in an attempt to make the story as believable and realistic as possible. Normally I don't care about realism that much as long as the story is told competently. And here it exceeds that. Let me ask you? Is it really that important to see in full detail why Moses has trouble believing? You can clearly see he does and therefore his faith in the end is so much more dramatic. Learning more about him would not add to the viewing experience. As expected the majority of Christian people have problems with Ridley Scott's view because he deviates from the original story. Seeing how the outcome and the core of the story is still the same I am kind of astonished that people get so hungover on some of the details. If it was aggravating or disrespectful then I would have understood. But in this case that never happens. So take it from me. This film is much better and more impressive than some people are saying. It's not Ridley Scott's worst. Nor does it lack soul or passion. Any one who claims this clearly not has seen this movie. In my humble opinion this is a must watch for sure. And it only makes me look forward to Ridley Scott's future projects.

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