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Review Enough Said (2013): Don't ever listen to someone's ex.

genre: comedy, drama, romance

Enough Said is a charming little comedy starring James Gandolfini and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Julia plays a character named Eva who is a divorced and single parent working as a masseuse. She meets Gandolfini's character called Albert and is taken away by him. They hit it off quite well until she starts listening to one of her clients who happens to be Albert's ex. Here is where she suddenly starts to having doubts. I am not going to say more otherwise that would be spoiling but the film does raise an interesting question on relationships and marriage. Should you let you cloud your judgment by an ex of your partner? To me this answer is real simple. No, never. Even if characteristics and personalities don't change much does not mean people always interact the same with others. Some people are more compatible with you and some simply aren't. Also our main character Eva, believes everything she tells her about Albert while she clearly is exaggerating and focusing on stuff that should not even matter in the first place. Of course sometimes it could help to get a little insight on someone if you don't know him well. But how much of what other people say should you accept as helpful? Just because Albert was this way with his ex does not mean he would be like that with Eva. In my opinion you should always rely on your own insight and knowledge of someone and go with your gut feeling. If it feels good then why should you spoil your happiness just because you happen to know some bad character trades or other things that may sound off putting. Enough Said explores enough of the pros and cons and is quite funny at times. Although most of the humour is mature and subtle so don't expect any slapstick or crude jokes. The acting is top notch and the story felt believable and realistic. For me it was great to see the late Gandolfini do another kind of role than his Tony Soprano. The big giant shows a vulnerability, sincerity and kindness that makes him instantly likable.  If it had been another actress then the characters behaviour would not have been accepted as much. Julia manages to portray a very flawed person but at the same time still remains charming. Enough Said is one I can recommend.

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