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Review Enslaved (XBOX360): It's bad and plain awful.

genre: action, adventure

Just take a look at the ratings given on Metacritic for Enslaved and you will believe that we have a masterpiece on our hands. Seeing how this game is made by Ninja Theory a little more skepticism is needed. To me Heavenly Sword was the only real game made by them that I actually enjoyed playing. Don't get me started of what they did to my beloved franchise Devil May Cry. The wounds are still too deep but read about it in this review. So could this game really be the game of all games and deserving of all the praise. 


Sorry about the shouting but honestly it came out before I knew it. Enslaved is not deserving of any praise maybe except for the nice and colourful visuals. Other than that it's awful GAME. We are talking about a game people. A game should immerse you with it's gameplay. Of course story is very important also. However that story truly has to be compelling or dramatic. In a way that once you are into it you can't let go of and want to finish it to see how it ends. I could care less to be frank. The story is not deep or engaging. Only at times you feel connected to the game characters because of what they go through together and their conversations. Still there was a moment at the end where I questioned the sanity of main character Monkey. I know Ninja Theory must have thought it was unexpected and very sweet in some deranged way but it just shows how less they know about real human emotions and behaviour. And that I now am convinced that they are robots from the future in disguise who want to torture and annihilate mankind with their awful games. Seriously though, there barely is a story. The ending was decent enough as endings go but it failed to give me the satisfaction or feeling that I had completed a good story. The ending is left ambiguous and only adds to the pretension. I really struggled playing Enslaved in one sitting. I found nothing in the game that attracted me to keep playing it. Most of the mechanics felt restricted. Platforming where there literally is just one path to take and even shows you the way by lighting up removes all challenge and accomplishment. It only became challenging because of some odd camera views. Other than that I found it to be pointless and a waste of time. The only time I really felt like playing a game when I was in combat. But the combat mechanics were hardly exciting. They were more flash without real impact. It got dull and repetitive real quick. The few hover board sequences did offer some variety but that it's all it was. 

You know what really amazes me that only a few people dared to be critical of a game that hardly is a game. The audacity of Ninja Theory to adapt the story of the classic Journey to the West into something lifeless and dull is one thing. But that all criticism is ignored or overlooked just because some people think it's a good story that is downright appalling. Especially when the gameplay is so lacking. It gets to me even more because there are so many other games so much more deserving of praise and recognition that despite their flaws have excellent gameplay but are overlooked. A game like Knights Contract for example. After finishing that one you will truly feel like you have completed something and leaves you satisfied and one hell of a gaming experience. Enslaved does not even come close to that and yet it gets perfect scores and Knights Contract is considered a bad title. That is just wrong on so many levels. I can't recommend Enslaved one bit. The only good game from Ninja Theory was Heavenly Sword. Play that one instead if you have not done so before (word of advice though save yourself the hassle of using the SIXAXIS controls, you are better of with the normal controls.)

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