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Oh No it's Valentine's Day! That means Rom-Com Time whether you like it or not.

My "Whether you like it or not" remark is aimed at the people (usually guys) who on this apparently blessed day (at least for a lot of people) will be forced to do romantic stuff like watching romantic comedies. Am I a skeptic? Doesn't Chrichton has a romantic bone in him? Quite the contrary but let me explain my sentiments about Valentine's Day.

When did Valentine's Day became so important? Is it really that significant? I personally don't think so. It's just a very clever ploy from business minded people who are commercializing love. Can you put a price tag on love? Of course not! But somehow a lot of people seem to think you can. Seeing how they are very willing to spend a lot of money on this day buying presents or spending it on fancy dinners or whatever. Naturally there is nothing wrong with celebrating such a day if you think you need it. However ask yourself. Why just one day? If you love someone so much, wouldn't you want it to celebrate it everyday? What you talking about Chrichton? Let me tell you. I feel you should express your love for your significant other whenever you feel this urge inside to share it. If he or she is the right one you will feel like doing that everyday. That does not mean you always have to say the words or spend the big bucks. But there are a million simpler ways of expressing love. What matters though whatever you do or whatever you say has to come from your heart. It's the constant little things and gestures that have a much bigger impact than the very epic grand action on that one day. That being said Valentine's day is a good excuse to watch Rom-Coms so here I will be reviewing a couple for your benefit (I am talking to you mostly clueless guys who want to make a good impression) .

Review Two Weeks Notice (2002)

genre: comedy, romance

First off this Rom-Com is very predictable and flawed. Despite I liked it very much. This is because both Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant portray characters who are very likable. Did they have on screen chemistry? There was something but not sure if it was love. They seemed more like very good friends. Hugh Grant of course is the one that oozes charm without a fault. I don't think he could not be charming if he tried to. Sandra Bullock most of the time is charming in her roles so in the end that is what makes this film wort a watch. It certainly is funny at times but nothing truly eventful occurs and all of the fireworks has to come from the leads and while there was some I think for a lot of people it simply won't be enough. Still it's never dull or annoying so give it a shot if you have not seen this before.

Review Begin Again (2013)

genre: music, drama

It's not entirely clear why Begin Again is being labeled as Rom-Com because this is not about romance and more about music and the passion for music or making a living of music. At least I think so. More about this later. There isn't that much comedy either. Although I chuckled a few times. I liked this one more for the performances by Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightly. Other than that I did not really care for it that much. The music is pretty dominating in this one and apart from a scene where Ruffalo and Knightly are listening to old songs on a phone while strolling through New York the music simply did not grab me. These are the kind of songs I hear on the radio and then tune out waiting for it to pass until I hear something I do like. For me the tracks Knightly sang weren't bad and it actually looked like she can sing. But the songs themselves simply are songs that don't do it for me. And with barely a plot or eventful things happening this film can become real slow. I honestly don't know what the point of this film was. Was it to make you feel good? It only succeeded in doing that a tiny bit. Usually that good feeling is achieved if you truly have seen characters overcome something. Maybe I missed some pivotal moments due to not caring too much but I am sure I would have noticed the intense and dramatic scenes. I think it is the lack of real drama or real conversations that prevents to get a sense of what has been going on and what this film is truly about. I could not tell you and frankly my dear I don't give a damn. This is one of those movies that barely has any impact although it's not an entire waste of time. But not one I can recommend.

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