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Jason Statham Night: Review Wild Card (2015) and Review Blitz (2011)

In this article I will be reviewing two Jason Statham films, Wild Card (2015) and Blitz. I was planning to do one more but then exhaustion got the better of me. I can tell you right now that these two flicks are among the worst he has ever made.

First off:

Review Wild Card (2015)

genre: action, drama

Jason Statham in Wild Card is supposed to be a bad ass as much as in all the films he has done previously. But somehow he barely is. In fact he is pretty much a loser who does not know when to quit and walk a way. I know they are trying to make his character a little different as usual and it does not work out. His character is far from intriguing. In fact it contradicts how he was set up in the first place. Do people find it fascinating to see a character going from bad to worse. I certainly don't. And what is with this attempt to playing a character role and being philosophical. Only really good actors can make philosophy interesting. And Jason I like you but you do know you aren't one of them right? We like you for for your handling action films quite well. But that is it. So learn from this and make the movies we want you to make. Stay clear from this. It's not your typical Jason Statham flick. There are only a few action scenes with focus on something entirely else. But don't ask me what, because I did not care for it one bit. To be fair there are two scenes I liked but that was more because of in one scene it was a satisfying display of justice and in the other you had Stanley Tucci. I think the biggest problem is that there is no real story here. That only works if you can offer something else like comedic situations or action or at least something that is actually interesting to watch. Wild Card is very lacking and it makes me curious what the original (Heat 1986) with Burt Reynolds is like. Please save yourself some anguish and don't watch this one.


Review Blitz (2011)

genre: action, crime, thriller

What did I just watch? At first I thought I was in for a typical Statham flick, low on plot but high on action or thrills. And with this serial killer targeting cops you have the ideal setup where Jason the cop is put against Blitz the cop killer. Doesn't require much to make it eventful or exciting and yet each time when you think it takes off and gets suspenseful they distract you with this little subplot about this female cop that tries to hard to be a social commentary or is there another motive for showing this? (If this was an attempt to make the audience sympathize with cops then it miserably failed.) In all fairness I never really expected much from this as a thriller but on the action front surely you can count on Statham right? Wrong! The action is as bland as they come and not once gets exciting. It is brutal and gritty at times but that's it. All the time while I was watching this I was wondering why I put myself through this torture. And not that it is always that awful. There are scenes that are quite funny but they also detract from ever taking the film seriously. Then Blitz. He does not seem smart and does not use gloves or cleaning products but amazingly he leaves no evidence behind. No blood, no spit, no fingerprints. Yeah, right. To top it off the ending. Don't worry won't spoil it. But all this time Blitz tried to be gritty and realistic and then they give you an ending that is so far fetched you know you have been wasting your time. Just stay clear from this one. It's bad and not in a good way. Which is a shame since there is some talent involved that are deserving to be in a better movie.

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