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Review American Heist (2014): Adrien Brody as street thug???? Not in a million years.

genre: drama, crime

Looks promising doesn't it? You are better off watching 
this poster than watching the film itself. Yes, it's that bad.

With a title like this you would think that this would be a movie about a heist and everything surrounding it. I love heist movies especially if they follow the classic buildup where they show how they prepare and then execute it. Here you have none of that. Here the heist is just an event in a film that barely has a plot. It seems that the focus has been put on the characters. Which is another problem. Despite decent acting on part of Adrien Brody and Hayden Christensen their characters are incredibly flat because they are poorly written. For one thing Adrien Brody as some street thug? Come on, that is just ridiculous. And Hayden as his brother that supposedly is caught in between good and bad because he tries to be loyal to his brother never is developed right. Most of the tension and drama we have to fill in ourselves and it makes you wonder why exactly. If the movie would present us with some questions or puzzles then I would have understood. But it makes no real attempt to let us delve into the psyches of our main characters. Aren't we watching a movie that tries to tell us an interesting tale? American Heist never gets compelling. It's low on real drama, low on action, low on thrills. It just fizzles out and does not even have a proper ending. It just ends with no reward at all. Overall the whole film is one big waste of time. Stay clear!

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