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Review Taken 3 (2014): Is boredom part of Neeson's particular set of skills?

genre: action, thriller

I hope so!

When will bad guys ever learn not to mess with Liam Neeson. You know he has a particular set of skills and he basically can't die. It will only make him want to look for you, find you and kill you. So why oh why would you do everything to piss him off? For the love of God please don't do it anymore. There is only so much pointless violence I can take. I hate to say it but I am getting tired of Liam Neeson being the all powerful and honorable action hero. It was fun for a few times but now it has become seriously boring. He is not even trying in this hopefully last entry in the Taken franchise. Although you can hardly blame him. Taken should have never gotten sequels since it's the kind of movie that only works one time. It's Oliver Megaton and Luc Besson who are to blame. Luc Besson the man who is one of the most creative action movie directors around has dropped the ball. Where he once magically combined incredible action and stunts with wit and compelling story lines he now just doesn't give a damn anymore. I knew going into this film it was going to be bad. But I was hoping it to be the kind that was enjoyable anyway. Or at least offered some good action. Most of the action is edited and filmed in a way that will turn you away from the screen. Shaky cam and too many cuts is sloppy in action films. If you can't enjoy the action then what else is there to enjoy. Well, nothing. You don't watch a film like Taken 3 for the plot which BTW was given away in the trailer. Neither do you watch it for the character development or acting. And if you want people to enjoy the acting then make them act. Honestly most of the cast looked like they were still rehearsing their lines while having their make up done. And am I still to believe Maggie Grace is a young teenage girl? Come on! Taken 3 is the worst in the franchise and it's one to stay clear from. Don't watch, I repeat don't watch.

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