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Review Everly (2014): Roller coaster ride of violence and insanity owned by Salma Hayek like a queen.

genre: action, thriller

An action thriller with Salma Hayek as lead is bound to raise several questions. Salma while having played in action films mostly acted as damsel in distress. In Everly she is the one doing the ass kicking who has been put in a situation with seeminly no way out and where bad guys keep attacking her. While the premise does seem pretty out there and there is an abundance of action it's not your traditional action flick. Lot of reviews even dare to name this die hard in a room and personally I think that is not fair and correct. Everly is very different as the action is put in a very different context. It has more similar with for example The Purge. Right from the start the film makes you feel uneasy and uncomfortable. You don't see what happens. But you do know what is going on and the impact especially because of the sounds is heartbreaking. Instantly you are on Everly's side and the tension is on. There are a few breaks to give you a chance to breathe but for the most part you will be sitting on the edge of the seat of what is going to happen next. I won't reveal too much but prepare for some bloody and gory scenes. Salma Hayek is incredibly convincing and even manages to show different sides to her character and carries the film like a queen. You care for her character and root for her all the way. I was surprised to see how much attention was paid to dramatic impact. It is what gives Everly the edge to keep events interesting. Now there are a number of  times that you have to suspend disbelief but for the most part these are the moments that are very thrilling and surprising. Overall Everly is very intense and effective. It's a rollercoaster ride full of violence and insanity where your basic fears are put to the test but still manages to give you hope. BTW This film is directed by Joe Lynch who also did Knights of Badassdom and Wrong Turn 2: Dead End. A must watch!

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