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Review St. Vincent (2014): Bill Murray is back!

genre: comedy, drama

St. Vincent is not your typical comedy. It will provide the laughs but it's not slapstick and does touch upon some serious issues. It's not heavy but not too light either. I just balances things right. And the biggest draw of course is Bill Murray. He is excellent as Vincent who reluctantly babysits Oliver played by Jaeden Lieberher. He does a great job as well since I sometimes find kid actors to be annoying but he never is. Which makes it a joy to watch him interact with Bill Murray. Melissa McCarthy is not in this film much but when she does it's sincere and far from the types she played in her previous films. And she actually was funny at times you did not expect her to be. And it shows she has excellent timing. Why oh why does she make films like Tammy you wonder? Naomi Watts also stars and she was good but it's one of the roles that could have been played by anyone. It does not really make any lasting impression. But she serves to illustrate what kind of a man Vincent is. Anyway this film at it's core is a feel good movie and one of the better ones I might add. Definitely one I can recommend.

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