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Review Big Hero 6 (2014): Disney and Marvel shine together.

genre: animation, action, adventure, superhero, science fiction

There seemed to be a lot of buzz about Big Hero 6 and I honestly did not know what the big deal was until I read that it was inspired by a Marvel comic book*. 

And that one of the members was Silver Samurai. As you know he has often clashed his blade with Wolverine. So naturally that made everything about Big Hero 6 exciting. If not for one thing. He is not in it. One of the most interesting characters, and he is not in it. Now that could be because it would draw away the attention from the other characters we have yet to get introduced to, so I can overlook this. From start till finish, Big Hero 6 delivers on action and adventure with enough dramatic impact to give it what makes superhero movies so wonderful. The visuals and CGI are impressive, although at times it did feel it went a bit overboard with some of the effects. But not that much of a big deal. I personally did not mind that the story was a little predictable, however it still managed to surprise you at times (Do stick around for the after credits scene. It's undoubtedly one of the funniest ones in all the Marvel related franchises). 

I found Big Hero 6 to be incredibly funny, at times when I did not expect it to be. Can this be compared to for example Toy Story? I think it comes real close. So give this one a shot. It certainly will entertain and is never a waste of time. Plus, it makes you feel good at the end. What more do you want?

*While Big Hero 6 is based on a Marvel comic, this film isn't produced by Marvel.

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